Elastic Private Clouds

Elastic Private Clouds

Elastic Private Cloud has all features of Dedicated Servers plus additionally:
  • Ability to scale up and down with additional hardware to handle performance for Media Server connections across a single OpenMeetings instance. This enables 500++ concurrent users up to several 1000. Depending on your package you have 3-5 Media Servers. More can be added in custom packages!
  • All applications are in a separated virtual network
  • Hardware can be swapped without any impact to your data
  • Your data is secured in redundant storages, if the hardware or software fails, your data is still secure. This is for files like recordings and uploaded files as well as transactional (database) data like users and rooms
  • Benefit from Platform Services like SSL, DNS and Secure Email Services

OM-Hosting Elastic Manager – Provides functionality to manage multiple Media Server

  • Auto register/unregister Media Server nodes and monitor health status
  • Calculate Load across Media Servers
  • Provide load balancing across Media Servers (various profiles: CPU, Memory, number of media elements)

OM-Hosting Elastic Cluster – Provides functionality to manage multiple Media Servers

  • Manage hardware for services and maintain system health
  • Dynamically add or remove instances based on scaling events (CPU/memory or scheduled)

Platform Services

  • Secure & Redundant File-Store – Your files are in an elastic and redundant store. You can extend this storage later with more if you would need it!
  • Scalable and BackedUp Database – Your database scales with the size of the data stored!
  • Secure and Signed EMail Services – Your emails are centrally distributed and signed with a secure signature
  • SSL Certificate and DNS Entry – You host your conference services as a sub domain on om-hosting.com, secured via SSL Certificated

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$749.99 / Month
Elastic Private Cloud Large
$1,399.99 / Month