Add OpenMeetings and OM-hosting Elastic Private Cloud or Dedicated Servers to your Node.js powered website via the integration API.

Below example is done via the openmeetings-node-client, a free Node.js Module that publishes and updates. The plugin is based on the OpenMeetings Rest API.

Example use case

OpenMeetings Node.JS Integration Example Use-Case using Express Framework
OpenMeetings Node.JS Integration Example Use-Case using Express Framework

How does it work

With the openmeetings-node-client you can wire up your Node.js based website with any OpenMeetings instance. 

In order to use Clustering and scaling for OpenMeetings you can use Elastic Private Cloud or you can use other ways of Clustering OpenMeetings.

Where to get started

The NodeJS module can be installed into you Node project by:

npm install openmeetings-node-client

Afterwards you can access different API methods for example:

const {UserServiceApi, Configuration} = require("openmeetings-node-client");
const BASE_URL = "http://localhost:5080/openmeetings"
const config = new Configuration({
    basePath: BASE_URL + "/services"
const userService = new UserServiceApi(config);
// 1. Login to service
const loginResult = await userService.login("admin", "!HansHans")

Full source code can be seen in 2 sample projects using the module in Node.js using the Express.js  framework:

There are in-depth examples and instructions for JavaScript/ES6 and TypeScript at:

Got any questions or need help?